8.3. Honey bee parasite and pathogen genomes

Most of the named RNA viruses for honey bees have been sequenced and published. These genomes are relatively small and tend to be placed into the NCBI databases upon publication (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genomes/GenomesGroup.cgi?taxid=439488). Genome sequences for several parasites and pathogens with larger genomes (e.g., Paenibacillus larvae, Ascosphaera apis, Nosema ceranae, and the mite Varroa destructor; (Qin et al., 2006; Cornman et al., 2009; Cornman et al., 2010; Chan et al., 2011) are held at the NCBI as well as at Beebase and can be queried there alongside the above honey bee genome data.