5.1.2. Thermoresistors (thermistors, Pt100)

Thermistors and Pt100 thermosensors are not sensitive to thermal gradients within the electronic thermometer. Their size, however, is usually larger. The advantage of thermistors is their high sensitivity (Fig. 5)). The strong nonlinearity of their characteristic curve is considered properly by modern electronic thermometers. The strong nonlinearity of the characteristic curve of thermistors, however, implies that their sensitivity decreases with increasing temperature. Arrays of many thermistors may be used to monitor the temperature of many comb cells simultaneously (Becher and Moritz, 2009). If a high accuracy and long-term stability is required, Pt100 sensors (platinum resistors with 100 Ohms at 0 °C) are a good choice. In any case, individual calibration is required for utmost accuracy.