6.2. Textural quality

  • Yielding quality (firmness/softness): Hand-held testers can be used to determine penetration force. One example is the Magness-Taylor Pressure Tester. The plunger (tip) size used depends on the fruit and varies between 3 and 11 mm. Stand-mounted testers can determine penetration force with more consistent punch speed, one example being the UC Fruit Firmness Tester. Contractual laboratory testing is available for appraising fruit firmness with instruments such as the Instron Universal Testing machine, the Texture Testing system or by measuring fruit deformation using a Deformation Tester.
  • Fibrosity and toughness: Shear force can be determined with an Instron or Texture Testing system. Resistance to cutting can be determined using a Fibrometer. Fibre or lignin content can be determined by contractual lab services with various chemical analyses.
  • Succulence and juiciness: Any number of commercially available fruit refractometers can be used to measure water content - an indicator of succulence or turgidity.