2.4.2. Number of eggs per day (fecundity)

  • Queen fecundity in a twenty-four-hour period is estimated either once, when the laying of eggs is at its maximum or several times during the productive period.
  • The queen should lay more than 2000 eggs in 24 hours period, but this can depend on the bee race.
  • A simple way of estimating 24 hours fecundity is with the use of a 5 x 5 cm or 2 x 2 cm grid frame (Fig. 7) or by using the Liebefeld method of estimating brood area (see the BEEBOOK paper on estimating colony strength parameters (Delaplane et al., 2013).


Fig. 7. The 2x2 cm grid frame is placed over the surface of the comb and used to estimate the amount of brood (or eggs) in the comb. Photo: F Hatjina.

Figure 7