Inducing the bees to visit the dispenser

In order to apply the trials in free flight, the bees must be conditioned to visit a dispenser simulating normal foraging trips.

1) In order to condition the bees rapidly to take sugar solution (about 50% w/v) from a dispenser placed not less than 30 metres from the apiary, a little flat dispenser with sugar solution is first placed on a running board (the dispenser must be refilled for minimum 2 days).

2) When the bees become accustomed to feed and crowd on the dispenser, it can be placed some metres of distance from the hive. The change of position must be gentle to keep bees from flying away.

3) To achieve visits from a particular hive, the above method can be employed using an isolated hive.

4) Once the bees associate the dispenser with the sugar solution, it is possible to put the dispenser with bees in a cage and transport them even hundreds of metres away.

5) When the bees are freed from the cage, some of them associate with the new position of the dispenser and indicate it to their companions once they re-enter the hive.

6) After the hive is conditioned to the required distance, it is possible to attract hundreds of foraging worker bees by replacing the sugar solution once daily. This is better done at the same hour each day.

7) The solution can be quickly and practically produced by mixing equal quantities of water and sucrose (approximately 50 % w/v).