Mode of assessment and recording

Meteorological data should be recorded at appropriate interval during the whole trial period. These data should include at least: temperature, relative humidity, rainfall and wind speed and direction. All parameters should be assessed at least from 7 days before to 15 days after pesticide application. Post-application assessment should last at least two brood cycles; this evaluation  should be extended in case of residues in wax, honey or pollen. In any case, the colonies should be monitored until the following spring, when bees have consumed the food stores.

All parameters should be recorded at least for 7 days after treatments or during the whole exposure period (blooming) for systemic products. After that, assessments should be limited to determining colony size (Delaplane et al., 2013b) until 42 days after treatment (two complete brood cycles). Because time of the day can affect several bee parameters (e.g. flight activity), assessments should be performed approximately at the same time of day.