Machinery and modifications of sowing machines

1) The machinery used will influence the potential emission. Depending on the crop, mechanical or pneumatic seeders are used for sowing of different crops. Mechanical seeders usually release only small amounts of dusts which is in contrast to precision airplanters with pneumatic vacuum singling of seeds. A number of sowing machines and their accessory kits regarding the potential for dust emission during sowing have been tested for their dust emission potential. Compared to unmodified standard equipment, the drift of these models with deflectors was at least 90 % reduced.

2) Depending on the study aim, it should be decided if deflectors should be used. All details on the machinery and deflectors used for sowing need to be documented and given in the report. Preferably tested sowers should be used

(e.g.http://www.jki.bund.de/no_cache/en/startseite/institute/anwendungstechnik/geraetelisten/abdriftmindernde-maissaegeraete.html). For dust drift trials, different machinery types, e.g. pneumatic or mechanic sowing machines, may be used depending on the study aim. Also deflectors may be used depending on study aim. All details about the machinery used need to be given in reports.