Flight activity and behaviour

1) Flight activity could be recorded on a 1 m² area, at 3 different places in each tunnel according to the time table presented in the following Table 6

2) At each assessment time, the number of bees that are both foraging on flowering plants and flying around the crop are counted for a short time period (for example 10-15 seconds depending on the crop) per marked area.

3) During the assessments of flight intensity, the behaviour of the honey bees in the crop and around the hive should be observed with respect to the following criteria:

- aggressiveness towards the observer
- guard bees attacking and/or preventing returning bees from entering the hive
- intensive flying activity in front of the hives without entering the hive
- intoxication symptoms (e.g. cramping, locomotion problems)
- clustering of large numbers of bees at the hive entrance.

Table 6. Time schedule for flight activity assessment in semi-field brood tests
DBA = days before application, DAA = days after application.


Evaluation of number of forager honey bees/1 m² and observation of behaviour

At least 3DBA to 1DBA

Once a day during flight activity of the bees


Once shortly before application


4 times during the first hour after application

2 hours after application

4 hours after application

6 hours after application


Three times during flight activity of the bees
(preferably in the morning, midday and afternoon)

2 to 7DAA

Once a day during flight activity of the bees