Photographing of the brood combs at the field site

1) Before taking photos, each brood comb must be marked with the hive description, treatment group, study code, comb number & side and BFD date (BFD0 is the day of the first photographing, one to two days before treatment application).

2) Further (depending on the image processing software), markers have to be defined that allow the program to recover the single brood cells or it has to be ensured that fixed points of the comb (e. g. the edges of the comb) are photographed at the BFDs.

3) After marking the combs, the photos should be taken with a high resolution camera. To standardise the photos of the different combs at the different BFDs, a “photo box” should be used which allows photographing the combs under the same parameters (e.g. distance, focal length). Additionally the camera should support a “live view mode” which is useful to ensure that the photos are of a high quality and facilitate the setting of the camera. The results are most favourable when the photographed combs are located in the centre of the brood area.