Evaluation of the brood combs at the laboratory

1) The first step at the laboratory is to set the markers or fixed points with the respective image processing program.

2) Afterwards brood cells containing eggs are chosen. To achieve better results, the cells of choice should be on combs containing nectar and pollen and located close to the centre of the combs and not near the edges. At the following BFDs, the image processing program is able to recover the cells marked at BFD0 by use of the markers or fixed points.

3) At the following BFDs (BFD5, 10, 16, 22), the contents of the brood cells are evaluated according to the respective test method (for a demonstration see the online demo video at Rifcon, 2012).

4) During and after the study, the image processing programs are able to calculate all relevant parameters such as brood termination rate, compensation index and brood index (see section The results of the single cells are presented tabular or in an image gallery for an easier comparison of the respective brood cells.