8.2.1. Honey bee tunnel study

In this study, one hive is observed during several days and several times a day, before and after product applications. The hive population is estimated before its introduction into the tunnel and at the end of the study. Foraging activity and mortality are counted. Indexes are computed as mortality index or forager mortality index for each treatment group: negative reference, positive reference and sponsor’s product groups.

If they are no replicates in the study design, the best statistical approach is to compare study index with an historical positive reference index in a database. A control chart with statistical intervals at two levels of significance can be executed and study computed index can be positioned in this control graphic. A decision can be taken about the sponsor’s product classification. It is in or outside the statistical bars.

If the study design includes replicates, indexes can be computed in each treatment group at one or several days and index results become study data for parametric or non-parametric analysis of variance. LD50 determination