3. Reference strains of Melissococcus plutonius

Type or reference strains of M. plutonius are available at culture collections, such as the Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Microorganisms, BCCM/LMG (Table 1). A type strain (or a prototype strain) is a nomenclatural type of a species or a subspecies. Authors who propose new bacterial names are supposed to deposit type strains in two publicly accessible recognized culture collections in two different countries. Type strains are also useful in validation work.

Table 1. Reference strains of M. plutonius.


strain no.

other designation


Melissococcus plutonius

LMG 20360

 = ATCC 35311

Honey bee larvae, UK



 = CIP 104052




 = LMG 15058




 = LMG 19520




 = LMG 20206




 = LMG 21267




= NCDO 2443



NCIMB 702439


Honey bee larvae, India


NCIMB 702440


Honey bee larvae, Brazil


NCIMB 702441


Honey bee larvae, Tanzania


NCIMB 702442


Honey bee larvae, Australia


NCIMB 702443


Honey bee larvae, UK