1.10.2. Management and treatment

There are a number of management’s techniques that can be used to minimize the effects of chalkbrood in infected colonies:

  1. Reduce volume of the brood chamber for the overwintering (Seal, 1957)
  2. Enlarge colony entrance to aid ventilation (Gochnauer et al., 1975)
  3. Replace old combs (Betts, 1951)
  4. Heat treatment of the wax (Flores et al., 2005a)
  5. Requeen affected colonies (Lunder, 1972)

To date, there is no effective chemical treatment against this disease. Nevertheless in vitro (Puerta et al., 1990; Flores et al., 1996b) and in vivo (Flores et al., 2001) techniques have been used to evaluate chemical treatments for chalkbrood control.