Isolation of A. apis strains

Ascosphaera apis can be isolated from fresh mummies or dry mummies collected directly from brood frames or mummies from the bottom board or hive entrance. Both white and dark mummies can be used, but it is generally easier with white mummies, since the latter will often readily produce spore cysts following incubation when + and - strains come into contact.

  1. Surface sterilize the mummy in 10 % sodium hypochlorite for 10 min
  2. Rinse the mummy twice in sterile distilled water for 2 min
  3. Cut the mummy into smaller pieces, place the pieces on an agar plate (SDA, PDA,YGPSA or MY20)
  4. Incubate the plate in dark at 30-34 °C
  5. Hyphal growth is visible usually within 2–4 days