2.4.1. Manual collection

For the manual collection of adult SHB, many devices are feasible to use (e.g. battery operated vacuums) and can be modified for SHB collection. However, the easiest and most common ones are aspirator devices and suction devices (e.g. Spiewok et al., 2007; 2008; Neumann and Hoffmann, 2008, Fig. 6), which are widely used for collection of insects in general. Such aspirators consist of a container for the specimen and two tubes connected to the container. A longer tube allows suction by connecting the container to the collector’s mouth, while a shorter tube guides a targeted insect into the container. The longer tube is covered with cloth mesh to prevent accidental aspiration of the specimen. As this method is very easy and requires no prearrangements, we recommend this method for any type of collection of SHBs, but especially for collection at apiaries which are visited only once and where none of the following methods can be applied.

Note: It is highly recommended to clearly label the two tubes differently to avoid accidental inhalation of SHB and bees during collection.

Fig. 6. Manual collection of small hive beetle adults in a hive using an aspirator (for details please refer to Neumann and Hoffmann (2008). Photo: Dorothee Hoffmann.

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