Trapping of small hive beetle larvae

To our knowledge, the wandering larvae trap (mounted on the entrance of the colony) of Arbogast et al. (2012) is the only published trap that captures wandering larvae at a colony scale. The trap consists of two parts constructed of three-eighths inch (0.95 cm) acrylic plastic held together by catches. The lower part of the trap is water tight and half filled with a solution of detergent and water. The upper part intercepts the larvae and is covered, except for a 3 mm gap at the level of the bottom board. Larvae enter through this gap and fall through a screen (18 gauge stainless steel wire with 2 mm openings). The screen prevents bees from falling into the detergent solution. The trap is attached to the bottom board by two 18 cm extensions on the upper part. We recommend the trap primarily as a research tool for colony-wide SHB population dynamics.

Note: Please see the original publications for a drawing of the trap.