Individual maintenance

  1. Provide 0.5 g food (see section in standard Eppendorf® 1.5 ml reaction tubes.
  2. Place them in laboratory trays and puncture the lids with a needle (3-4 small holes) to allow air circulation and feeding.
  3. Place individual adult SHB in the Eppendorf® tubes using tweezers and seal them.
  4. Store trays at RT in darkness.
  5. Provide to each tube honey : water in a 1:1 ratio daily by carefully pipetting via the small holes.

Notes: The SHBs can be maintained for up to 8 weeks in darkness at RT. Take care to seal containers quickly to limit SHB escape. To enable ovary activation in female SHB, use protein-rich food (see section instead of honey : water in a 1:1 ratio. Ensure that water is always provided ad libitum to prevent SHB dehydration.