Thoracic notching of adult SHBs

For capture-mark-recapture studies of adult we recommend thoracic notching, as notched beetles (Fig. 11) survived and resulted in a high rate of recovery (de Guzman et al., 2012).

  1. Hold the SHB between two fingers under a stereo microscope.
  2. Carefully notch the edge of either the right or left margin of the SHB’s pronotum (Fig. 11) using the tip of an iris scissor (8 mm).

Note: With double notches or different cutting angles, individual marking may also be possible. De Guzman et al. (2012) also tested the use of blue and red chalk dusts to mark SHBs, but this was not persistent and caused high mortality. For specific details please refer to the original publication.

Fig. 11. Adult SHB marked by thoracic notching. Drawing: FLI.

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