In vitro soil infestation of larvae using a sand bioassay

 This method is similar to that presented above.

  1. Rather than using filter paper in the petri dish, use 30 g of dried autoclaved sand.
  2. Pipette the aqueous nematode suspension directly onto the sand, which is then wetted to about 10% water by weight.
  3. Add wandering SHB larvae to the petri dish.
  4. Replace and secure the top.
  5. Place the dishes in an incubator at 25°C and no light.
  6. Assess mortality in the SHB larvae at any time period though resolution is greater the more often one views the dishes.
  7. Control petri dishes include adding nothing to the dish (no sand, water or nematodes), adding only sand, adding only 1.5 ml of distilled water, or adding sand and 1.5 ml of distilled water.