3.2.1. Investigating intra-colonial interactions between adult bees and adult SHB

SHB and adult worker honey bees interact with one another regularly within a colony (see Elzen et al., 2001; Neumann et al., 2001c; Ellis 2005; Ellis and Hepburn, 2006; Ellis et al., 2003c,d, 2004a,b, Pirk and Neumann, 2013). Most of the studies on bee/beetle behavioural interactions have been conducted using honey bee colonies hosted in observation hives (see the BEEBOOK paper on behavioural methods, Scheiner et al. 2013). To that end, we discuss initial experimental establishment and then various methods that can be used to investigate a suite of beetle/bee interactions. The series of procedures outlined below likely are amendable for use by those investigating the interactions between adult bees and larval SHBs.