3.2.4. Collecting SHB eggs

This method has been designed by Ellis and Delaplane (2007)

  1. Lay a microscope slide on a flat surface.
  2. Place ½ of a cover slip on both ends of the slide.
  3. Place another microscope slide on top of the cover slip halves.
    In effect, you are separating two microscope slides with a cover slip.
  4. Tape both ends of the slides so that they will remain together.
  5. Place the slides in a petri dish that contains a small amount (~5 g) of SHB food (see section for food recipe).
  6. Add mated females or adult beetles (see section 3.1.2.) to the petri dish and replace the petri dish top.
  7. Secure the top and bottom of the petri dish to one another with a rubber band.
    SHB females will oviposit in the space between the two slides created by the cover slip (see Fig. 12).
  8. Handle SHB eggs with a small paint brush.

This procedure can be modified by using a small piece of wax paper [~10 cm x 10 cm] that has been folded back and forth 10 times (making ~1 cm folds). The folds should be tight and the ends of the paper should be paper clipped to keep it from unfolding. The SHB females will oviposit between the folds in the paper.