Face-to-face interviews


  • The interviewer can explain the importance of a survey and clarify questions if needed.
  • The data can often be entered directly into the computer database and checked for a valid data entry, question by question.
  • Answers can easily be corrected in situ. It may become apparent immediately that some answers are inconsistent or wrong, especially if suitable data checks are built into a computer questionnaire programme.


  • A representative list of beekeepers is needed; there are few countries in which it would be available through beekeeping associations, census registers or the veterinary services.
  • The presence of an interviewer may influence the answers, unless the interviewer is well-trained.
  • This method is time-consuming and costly because of: travel costs (unless some form of cluster sampling is used), the need for many highly trained interviewers, and the need for multiple call-backs to ensure a high response rate.