Telephone interviews


  • The interviewer can explain the importance of a survey and clarify the questions if needed.
  •  Beekeepers may feel obliged to participate in the survey, though others may simply say they do not have time to participate. The data can often be entered directly into the computer database, as above.
  •  Lower costs than face-to-face interviews and call-backs are much faster and easier.
  •  Many interviews can be completed in a relatively short time.


  • A representative list of telephone numbers of the target population of beekeepers is needed; there are very few countries where it would be available.
  •  Beekeepers under pressure may give the answer without careful consideration, and it is difficult to correct such answers later.
  • Time necessary for some interviews may be longer than is necessary to answer the questions because some people tend to be garrulous, although other people will become impatient if the time required is long.