Questionnaires disseminated during meetings

Completed questionnaires can be collected immediately by the survey organiser or an association representative, or posted, faxed or emailed by beekeepers.


  • An easy way to disseminate the questionnaires if co-operation with the beekeeping association hosting the meeting is good.
  • The survey organiser can explain the importance of the survey and clarify the questions if needed.
  • If beekeepers post the filled-in questionnaires by themselves they have enough time to check their apiary notes and to answer the questions fully.


  • Not all beekeepers attend beekeepers’ association meetings, leading to coverage problems.
  • The survey will cover beekeepers only from specific regions or associations.
  • The questionnaires are often filled in carelessly with many answers missing.
  • The time for and cost of data entry can be high.