3.3.3. Sample preparation: morphological analysis and slide preparation

HBTM specimens should be preserved carefully for microscopic examination. Since, these mites are weakly sclerotized, no clearing agents are need. The mounting medium listed below is recommended for mounting specimens.

Mounting medium (Hoyer’s medium from Kranz and Walter, 2009)

    50 ml of distilled water
    30 g gum Arabic
   200 g chloral hydrate
    20 ml glycerol

Note: The ingredients should be mixed in the sequence listed above. Allow each solid ingredient to dissolve before adding the next one. The mixture needs to be warmed and stirred gently so the gum arabic can melt. Filter and store in airtight containers with rubber stoppers. Do not use a screw top container. Caution: chloral hydrate is a toxic chemical, a mutagen and a chromosome-damaging agent.