3.3.4. How to mount specimens

  1. Place a drop of Hoyer’s medium (section 3.3.3.) in the centre of a clean microscope slide.
  2. Using the tip of a fine needle, minute pin or a wire loop, pick up a mite.
  3. Touch the tip of the tool to which the mite adhered to the droplet of Hoyer’s medium.
  4. Gently press the mite to the bottom of the droplet and position the mite on a vertical axis.
  5. Using a pair of forceps, pick up a cover slip and gently place it on top of the droplet.
  6. Mark the mite’s location by drawing a ring around the specimen using a permanent marker, to facilitate locating the specimen later.
  7. Dry slides at 45ºC for 48 h to one week.
  8. Slides can be sealed with a ring of glyptal (Glyptal, Inc.; Chelsea, MA, USA)
  9. Label slides with date of collection, place of collection, species name, host species and name of collector.