Storage and collection container

Ideal containers for collecting mites are small and made from tough plastic, such as the small plastic 1.5 ml cryogenic vial supplied by Nalgene®, shown in Fig. 2. This vial may hold hundreds of mite specimens and has a large white-coloured area on its outside for a label. Importantly, its lid is secured on a thread that runs down the outside of the vial. This ensures that no preserving fluid is forced from the vial as it is being closed, which could result in smudging or complete removal of the label. The label should contain essential information, such as the date of collection, name of host bee, location and name of collector, using a fine point permanent marker pen. To overcome external labels becoming removed from the collection vial, a small piece of paper on which the collection data have been written with a pencil (alcohol resistant) may be inserted in the vial, with the sample.

Fig. 2. Tool kit to collect Varroa spp. mites. Photo: Denis Anderson.

Figure 2