Mites to be used in the tests

In chemical ecology studies, the mites that are used in the bioassays should be those involved in the process under study (e.g. if the study is about cell invasion, the mites that invade the brood cells are used). In efficacy study of acaricides, the life stage of mites tested must correspond to that that will be exposed to the product under scrutiny.

In contrast to many other arthropods whose ecology is studied by means of bioassays, no artificial rearing method is currently available for the varroa mite (see section 3.2. ‘Rearing mites in the laboratory’); thus standardisation is a difficult task when it comes to collecting mites that are homogenous for age, physiological condition, mating status etc. A solution to this problem is to use mites that are at the same stage of their life cycle (see section 3.1. ‘Collecting mites’).