In the laboratory

This protocol follows Garrido and Rosenkranz (2004) to test the effect of volatiles on activation of oogenesis:

1. Offer volatile compounds on a piece of filter paper placed in a 0.2 ml PCR tube.

2. Add a female mite in the tube.

3. Prevent the mite reaching the filter paper with a plastic gauze.

3. Remove the mites eight hours after the exposure to the putative triggering factor.

4. Dissect the reproductive tract of mites.

5. Dye the reproductive tract to determine the development stage of the terminal oocytes (see marking techniques section 3.4.1. ‘Oogenesis’).


Pros: test of single stimulus possible.

Cons: Time consuming. Due to the lack of nutrition of the mite the test can only be performed for about 8 h.