4.5.4. Testing varroacides in the field

The European medicines agency has issued recommendations for the development of anti varroa treatment. These guidelines have been built on the knowledge accumulated by the Concerted Action 3686 (Commission of the European Communities European), which developed the commonly named ‘alternative varroa control methods’ based on the use of organic acids and essential oils. The aim of the guideline is to test and demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new miticides with the purpose of facilitating homologation. The original document (EMA/CVMP/EWP/459883/2008) should be consulted for legal issues and test for applicability of the treatment in various climatic regions. We here summarize and adapt the experimental design for research purposes at the local scale. Acaricides are considered efficient if the proportion of mites killed is at least 95 % for synthetic substances and at least 90 % for non-synthetic substances.