3.2.5. Eggs

Multiple male and female moths should be placed in containers having diet mixtures. Females will begin laying eggs within hours of mating. Consider the temperature when designing an oviposition chamber to speed or slow egg development. Eggs develop quickly at warmer temperatures (29°C-35°C) and slowly (up to 30 days or more) at colder temperatures (18°C, Williams, 1997). The female will lay eggs on any surface but prefer surfaces that seem to protect the eggs and will preferentially lay in cracks and crevices. Several rearing programs recommended using crimped wax paper held together with a paper clip, as the eggs can be easily removed from the surface of the wax paper once unfolded (as in Burges and Bailey, 1968). About 1,000 eggs placed with about 1-1/2 pounds of diet should yield about 500 mature larvae (Marston et al., 1975).