Larval Bioassay (per dispersal packet to be tested)

1. Insert various stages of moth development (reared and collected per Section 3) into a standard nucleus or full size honey bee colony with a dispersal packet (see Section and placed into a controlled environmental chamber.

         Alternatively, individual dish containers (see Section 6.7.2.) of wax moths can be placed within hive boxes or stacks of boxes to simulate anticipated use by beekeepers.

2. Monitor the wax moths for physiological change (see Section 5.1.).

         Considerations: Permeation rate varies with temperature, so it must be determined for the same temperature at which the experiment will be conducted.  Under changing temperature regimens, mathematically weighted averages (estimated permeation rates based on the proportional amount of time spent at each temperature) approximate the actual dispersal packet weight loss + 5% (Burgett and Tremblay, 1979).