5.8.1. Protecting stored combs via freezing

  1. Freeze supers of combs or individual combs (≤ 0°C) for >24 hours. Other times/freezing temperatures include 2 hours at -15°C, 3 hours at -12°C, and 4.5 hours at -7°C (Charriere and Imdorf, 1999).
  2. Once thawed, place the combs in plastic bags for storage or on strong colonies for protection from bees.

Note: Combs that are thawing need to be inaccessible to wax moths. Combs must be dry before bagging. Otherwise they can mold. Combs containing honey and/or pollen should remain in the freezer until use or placed on colonies for further protection from bees (see section 5.8.3.). This method can be used to start colonies “free” of wax moths (see section 6.8.).