6.7.2. Dish caging

Per Goodman et al. (1990).

  1. Place eggs and early instar larvae (collected per Section 3) in a small specimen tube. Goodman et al. (1990) used one that was 25 x 75 mm, with diet medium (for newly hatched larvae – prepared per Section 3.2.1.). The vial opening should be covered with 24 mesh/10 mm (or similar) wire gauze. First instar moth larvae are small so care should be taken to limit their escape from the dish cages.
  2. Larvae, pupae, adults: a 13 mm hole is bored in the lid of an 85 mm diameter (or similar sized) plastic Petri dish. The hole is covered with 11.5 mesh/10 mm (or similar) wire gauze.  Specimens are placed in the Petri dish with diet medium (diet prepared per Section 3.2.1.).