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Program of the 1st Management Committee Meeting
Microsoft Word document
Aizen, Marcelo A. / Harder, Lawrence D. (2009): The Global Stock of Domesticated Honey Bees is Growing Slower Than Agricultural Demand for Pollination. - Current Biology (2009) No. 19, vol. 11, doi:10.1016/j.cub.2009.03.071
Proceedings of the Bern Workshop May 2009
Proceedings of the COLOSS Workshop "New Molecular Tools", Bern, May 18-21, 2009
Workshop Kirchhain 2009
Workshop Standardization of Methods II: Vitality Testing / Documents
Agenda Workshop Toledo 2009
MS-Word document with the original Agenda.
Agenda Workshop Guadalajara 2009 (old)
New Information and Program for the NOSEMA Workshop, taking place now (NEW!) at Guadalajara, Oct. 2009 (instead of Toledo)
Agenda Workshop Guadalajara 2009
Workshop Guadalajara 2009 Registration Form
Vth Coloss Conference Proceedings
MS Word document with the workplan according to COST
Minutes of the MC Meeting at Zagreb 2009
COLOSS Questionnaire 2010 draft 2.2
Draft version 2.2 of the Basic COLOSS Questionnaire for 2009/2010
Explanation to the Questionnaire draft
Explanation of the Basic COLOSS Questionnaire, draft version 2.2
PhD Position available
Amsterdam Bee Book Workshop 2010
Amsterdam Bee Book Workshop 2010
Ph.D. fellow in Social Insect Pathology Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen Department of Agriculture and Ecology wishes to appoint a Ph.D. fellow in Social Insect Pathology from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2013
Amsterdam 2010 Workshop Proceedings
Flyer for the II International Meeting March 2011
Article on COLOSS by Norman L Carreck from the april 2010 issue of BBKA News, the British Beekeepers' Association journal
Ghent Workshop 2010 (1st announcement)
Ghent Workshop 2010 (1st announcement)
Abstract Form Denmark WG1
Abstract Form Denmark WG4
Ghent Workshop final
Rules and procedures for implementing COST Actions
VI COLOSS Conference Registration Form
Apimedica/Apiquality Forum 2010
US Postdoc Job 2010
Ghent Workshop 2010 final announcement
ITSAP Job announcement 1
ITSAP Job announcement 2
PostDoc position Bern
Amsterdam BeeBook report
BEEKEEPING Conference 2010 Announcement
BEEKEEPING Conference 2010 Invitation
BEEKEEPING Conference 2010 Guidelines
Ghent BEEDOC Workshop 2010 Proceedings
Permanent position in Anses, France
Grad Student Scholarship
Ankara 2010 Proceedings
Job: Professorship, Wooster, Ohio
BeeDok Milestone 6.1
Postdoc Position UC Davis
Postdoctoral position in Pollination Biology at University of California, Davis
Postdoc Univ. Readung
COST vademecum
COST Action STSM form
EU will support bee research
Honeybee Deficits Sub-Project
Invitation Biodiversity Paris 2011
Jie Gao & Guangyin Zhao & Yusheng Yu & Fanglin Liu: High Concentration of Nectar Quercetin Enhances Worker Resistance to Queen’s Signals in Bees
Bern Postdoc Position 2011
7th COLOSS Conference Belgrad 2011
PhD Southampton
Pulawy Announcement
Pulawy Agenda
WG3 Workshop Wageningen 2nd Announcement
BEEDOC Workshop 2011 Varroa
EU Council Conclusions on Honeybees
EU Council on Honeybee Health
Abstract Template OIE 2011
OIE Symposium 2011
Bee Pathology Technician
2nd Announcement OIE Symposium 2011
Agenda Workshop Puławy 2011
Agenda: Workshop "Honey bee vitality and diversity - Field observations of experimental GEI colonies" in Puławy, Poland on 26 - 29. 07. 2011
Agenda and abstracts - Workshop Puławy, Poland 2011
Agenda and Abstracts: Workshop "Honey bee vitality and diversity - Field observations of experimental GEI colonies" in Puławy, Poland on 26 - 29. 07. 2011
WG3 Workshop Wageningen 30 June – 1 July 2011
Proceedings of the WG3 Workshop Honey bee colony vitality, Wageningen 30 June – 1 July 2011
EU-COST Early Stage Researchers Conference Grants
Program OIE Buenes Aires 2011
Open position: Ph.D. studentship on modelling honey bee colony dynamics in Denmark and USA
Agenda COLOSS-Workshop Jan. 2012 Finland
Invitation and Information COLOSS-Workshop Jan. 2012 Finland
Abstract COLOSS-Workshop Jan. 2012 Finland
Announcement: Workshop on Honeybee genetics in Murcia
Announcement: Workshop on Honeybee genetics in Murcia in February 2012
Open position: Ph.D. Bee Health: host-parasite interactions and landscape complexity in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Bee Products Conference in Portugal
Summary of ESR Grant Application February 2012
Open position: Bee health professorship at University of Bern
Open position: Bee health professorship at University of Bern
PostDoc Pretoria
WG2 Nosema Workshop Istanbul Registration Form
WG2 Nosema Workshop Istanbul Announcement
Blacquière et al. 2012
Neonicotinoids in bees: a review on concentrations, side-effects and risk assessment Tjeerd Blacquie`re • Guy Smagghe • Cornelis A. M. van Gestel • Veerle Mommaerts Accepted: 28 January 2012 Ó The Author(s) 2012. This article is published with open access at
Apimondia 2012 Quebec
Apimondia 2012 Quebec