How to use the workflow abilities of Plone

As a Content Management System Plone offers lots of possibilities to - well - manage content.

Especially the workflow and review system might be useful for a rather large community like here in COLOSS:


At least for the beginning it might be useful to not allow everyone to add and publish content immediately, because they will not be sufficiently accustomed with the system, and therefore make errors, and because not everyone writes perfect English (as I do - not - too).

Therefore it seems to be better to have someone else look over the new content before it goes "life", i.e. is published online and visible for the "rest of the world" and - if necessarily - send it back to the author with some comments about the required changes.



The Workflow consist - now, in the beginning - of a simple two-step system:

  1. Members of the portal create new content and submit it for review.
  2. Reviewers control it and publish it or send it back to step 1.


Of course, this system can easily be extended to rather complicated forms, for instance, by using different roles and groupes:

  • A role is a function a member/user can have in a part or the entire website.
  • A group can have a special area to work on in the website.