Sharing Items

How to share items with other members or groups (Reviewers only)

One might want to share his/her work with certain other members or member groups. Let’s say, a member added a new page in the BeeBook-Folder ‘Viruses’ and likes to share it with someone, who's not in 'BeeBookVirus'-Group. To attribute permissions for other members, use the ‘Sharing’-Tab:

Sharing your item

It shows, which users or groups are allowed to add, edit, view or review (to) the item. In this example, certain rights for the new page are inherited (green symbols) from the parent folder (here: ‘Viruses’).

Inherit permissions from higher levels’ takes over those permissions from higher levels. It’s set by default, allowing you to grant rights for a folder and pass them on to any sub-item (and sub-sub-item etc.) you like just by setting the permissions for the parent folder item. Anyhow you are able to change this on any level by unchecking the option and grant your own sharing permissions.

To add new users or groups to the table, use the ‘Search for user or group’-field above. Then grant the desired permissions (add/edit/view/review) by using the check marks.