How to create a Presentation out of the content of your document running in every browser.

Ever been to a conference and your (Powerpoint) presentation did not work the way you expected?

The content type 'Presentation' offers a special and useful - though at the moment still VERY SIMPLE - alternative:

  • It creates a simple presentation accordig to the structure of your document
  • Headings and Subheading will show up in the presentation as new slides (= headings) and bulleted lists (= subheadings)
  • The normal text - usually being identical with the words you want to speak in front of the audience - does not show up
  • The audience may go to the website and read the full text again - long before the paper might be published - and even leave comments for you. Of course, you may as well hide the document from view.

I created a simple example to demonstrate the possibilities and restrictions of this presentation mode.