How to use Event Items

Event items allow you to inform other people of - well - events.

Though you may "misuse" them also for other purposes... but usually, meetings, conferences, workshops etc. are the appropriate categories of events to be used with this content type.

To add an event, choose ‘Upcoming Events’ below the calendar, click ‘Add new’ and select ‘Event’.  A form shows up where you can input your event data.

  • An event does not allow you to add additional information like files or pages. To do so, add them in any other place and put links to them inside the body text using the chain symbol.
  • You may set a time frame via the starting and the ending date for the event, and give additional information about the organizers, contacts, location and website etc. pp.

Save your work and click ‘State: Private’ and select ‘Submit for Publication

After publication it will show up in the box "Upcoming Events", ordered by date. Only the next few events are shown there, you can reach all the others with the links "Previous events..." and "Upcoming events..." at the bottom of that box.

In addition, the dates of events will show up as highlighted days in the calendar box. Through this, users/visitors may also go back in history and find events that are not displayed prominently on the website anymore.