Files can be any kind of documents that you want to offer for download.

While a page item is a HTML document shown natively by any browser, files are documents in other formats that browsers usually do not show but download (even if some formats like PDF are often shown directly through browser-‘Plug-ins’).

The following types of documents might be useful to be offered as files (for download):

  • PDF files
  • Images
  • ZIP-files of entire folders containing several documents
  • MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other (?) documents*

 * If you don’t want other people to be able to change your documents after download, you should prefer PDF-Format. But if you want to offer a form that users should fill out, you may use .doc and its colleagues.

Before you upload any file please check any possibilities to make it smaller, like

  • Packing it with a zip-program 
  • Resizing images to the maximum resolution needed (as long as the images should not be delivered in high-quality printing format, a size reduction to 600-800 pixels width should be sufficient)
  • Taking colours off the images, i.e. giving them in black/white or grayscale instead of full colour