How to use Folders

If your topic consists of several documents or you are not sure how big your topic might get, use a folder: Folders can contain any kind of item you see in the "Add new"-menu, including sub-folders. 

After the creation of a folder you will notice the tabs 'Contents' and 'Display' in the green tab bar:

Display Tab - Set the default view of your folder

Once you added new content to your folder, it will be shown as a list of links. Via "Display" you can choose, what will be shown how when someone visits your folder:

  • "Summary view": List of the content with short annotations
  • "Tabular view": Short table with basic information on every item
  • "Thumbnails view": Only useful if your folder is to contain only images
  • "Standard view": Not very different from the "Summary view"
  • "All content": Extensive content list including all items of folder
  • "Select content as default view...": Select a start page for your folder

Contents Tab – Show and process content items of your folder

If you want to re-order items or delete, rename etc. several content items at once, use the "Contents" tab. It shows you all the content of the folder listed in a table.

  • Check the box in front of an item to select it and decide what to do with it through clicking one of the buttons beneath the table.
  • To re-order the items, you can simply "drag & drop" them with your mouse - just click and hold the order symbol in the left column.