Why Links as an Item?

As you know, you are allowed to add links inside your documents using the editor’s chain symbol. So, what’s the sense of an additional item type ‘Link’ ?

Imagine, someone published an article on topic A but also containing information on topic B, while not aware of this. Another person writes an article on topic B, but is not aware of the information in the first article. You may not be allowed to add links by editing the documents of your colleagues.

But instead you may create link items to those other documents - or to a web-page outside of the portal

  • By doing this, the information is not only available to the authors and many others, but it is also clear who added it
  • Additionally you may allow others to comment on it, add categories, dates, information about the owner/creator/other contributors etc.

As you can see a link as a separate object has a lot of more options than the simple in-line link. A link item does not contain a large "Body Text" area - if you need that, than you should use a "page-like" content item, instead, like the page, event, news item ...