How to use News Items

News items inform your fellow about some very important new content or some new information on the web.

They will show up in the ‘News’-Box (on the right) to all guests of the website - so,  be careful in using the news items to not overflow others with lots of small bits of information.

To add news choose ‘News’ tab, click ‘Add new’ and select ‘News Item’. A form shows up where you can input your news data.

  • The news item does not allow you to add additional information like files or pages. To do so, add them in any other place and put links to them inside the body text using the chain symbol.
  • Via ‘Dates’ you may set a time frame, so your news item will only be shown within this period (outside the frame it won’t be deleted, just hidden)
  • Save your work, click ‘State: Private’ and select ‘Submit for Publication

After publication it will show up in the box "News". Only the most current news are shown there, you can reach all the others via the ‘News’ tab (or link on top of the box).