Adrian Siceanu

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InstitutionInstitutul de Cercetare Dezvoltare pentru Apicultura SA
Postal addressBlv Ficusului
 nr 42
Office phone+40212325060
Mobile phone+40769077407
Job /  professional statusResearcher
Research interestsbee breeding
 bee nutrition
 beekeeping technologies
Publications1. Bouga M., Allaux c, Bienkowska M, Buchler R, Carreck N, E. Cauia, R, Chelbo, B. Dahle, R Dall Olio, P. De la Rua, A Gregorc, E. Ivanova, A. Kence, M. Kence, N. Kezic, H. Kiprianovska, P Kozmus, P Kryger, Y le Conte, M Lodesani, A.M. Murilhas, A. Siceanu, G. Soland, A. Uzunov, J Wilde. 2011, A review of methods for discrimination of honeybee population as applied to European beekeeping – a review article, Journal of Apicultural Research 50 (1): 51-84 (2011) DOI 10.3896/IBRA.
2. Siceanu Adrian, Cauia Eliza, Vulpe Victor, Svasta Paul, Davidescu Mircea, Ionescu Catalin, 2009. Electronic hive to monitorize some biological process of economic importance in honeybee colony and its environment. The 41th Congres of Apimondia –Montpellier France.
3. Siceanu Adrian, Cauia Eliza, 2009 – Evolution of honeybees (A.mellifera L) and the necessity to preserve the diversity of honeybee races. Romanian beekeeping magazine -Romania apicola, nr 9/2009, p. 12-17.
4. Cauia Eliza, Siceanu Adrian, Sapcaliu Agripina, Magdici Maria, Chirila Aurelia, Cauia Dumitru, 2009 The evaluation of honeybee colonies by using a data base software with application in honeybee breeding programs. The 41th Congres of Apimondia – Montpellier France.
5. A. Siceanu, E. Cauia, I. Guresoaie, P. Svasta, V. Vulpe, C. Ionescu. 2008. „Monitoring the beekeeping activity by IT technology.” Participation at Apimondia Symposium: 11-13 September 2008 –Bucharest.
6. Cauia Eliza, Usurelu Daniela, Adrian Siceanu (2008) – Preliminary researches regarding genetic characterization of honeybees in Romania - The workshop of EurBee Breeding and Conservation Group 2008, 2-3 February Ankara.
7. Condrea Draganescu, Adrian Siceanu, Cauia Eliza (2008) “Conservation of the genetic resources by the regulation of the honeybee races migration – The workshop of EurBee Breeding and Conservation Group 2008, 2-3 February Ankara.
8. Cauia Eliza, Siceanu Adrian, Sapcaliu Agripina (2008). “Utilization of hygienic behaviour evaluation test in honeybee breeding for resistance to disease minimising the risk of disease and medicines” International Beekeeping Symposium, Tulcea, Romania, edition a VIII-a 2008; Organic Beekeeping- 26-27 sept.2008; publication in the special volume CD, editor CITDD-Tulcea 2008, ISBN 978-973-88117-3-7, p 1-6.
9. Eliza Cauia, Adrian Siceanu. (2007) - General aspects on honeybee breeding in Romania. Participation to the 3rd Annual meeting , Avignon 1-4 April 2007
10. E. Cauia, Adrian Siceanu, A. Sapcaliu, D. Cauia. (2006) Determination of diseases natural resistance in Romanian honeybee’s population (A.m. carpathica) by means of specific assays in order to implement an optimal breeding methodology. International Apimondia Symposium “Selection and Queen Breeding” 1-3 Sept, 2006.
11. A.Siceanu, C. Radoi. L. Rosu. 2004–„Preliminary studies on the closed population selection in Romanian honeybees (A. m. carpatica)”. XII Scientific meeting- Quality standardization of bee products and bee queen selection –University of Belgrade 7-8 February 2004.
12. Eliza Cauia, Adrian Siceanu. (2002). „Researches concerning the implementation of an optimized technique to produce, self-select and store the sexually mature drones used in instrumental insemination” XXXIX Naukowa Konferencja Pszczelarska, Pulawi - Poland, 12-13 March 2002, Materials of Conference, p. 14-15;
13. Siceanu A. 2000. “Studies on the behaviour of worker honeybees on the recapping of artificially decapped brood”. First European Scientific Conference of Beekeeping Pszczelicze Zeszyty Naukowe, Vol XLIV nr 2, p. 35-41.
14. Siceanu A., Eliza Căuia & colab. 1999. “Effects of supplementary proteic feedings on brood rearing activity in honeybee colonies under apitron conditions”, Pszczelnicze Zeszyty Naukowe (Poland) – p.80, 1999.
15. Siceanu A., Eliza Cozma (Căuia) & colab.1997. “Preliminary investigation on the behavior of the honeybees under apitron conditions”. Pszczelnicze Zeszyty Naukowe (Poland), - p. 91-95, 1997.
16. Siceanu A. 1997. “The effect of artificial decapping of brood on the quality of bees (Apis mellifera L)” Pszczelnicze Zeszyty Naukowe (Poland) Rok XLI p 109 – 112, 1997;
17. Siceanu A. 1997. Efficiency of some techniques used in artificial decapping of brood to control specific diseases Naukowa konferencja Pszczelarska XXXV, pag 65.
18. A. Siceanu. 1996. The artificial decapping of honeybee brood for the control of Varroa jacobsoni Oud., parasite –Apiacta .
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