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InstitutionDepartment of Zoology
Faculty of Science
University of Lagos
Office phone+2348030650537
Mobile phone+2348030650537
Alternative e-mailkaylaw1962@gmail.com
Job /  professional statusProfessor/Lecturer
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Pests & Pathogens
COLOSS Project(s)   Beekeeping
COLOSS Taskforce(s)   Sustainable bee breeding
Research interestsEffect of amitraz on queen honey bees , eggs and reproductive development.
 Stemming down aggressiveness of West African bees
Publications1. Akinwande K.L, Badejo M.A.and Ogbogu S.S.(2013). Morphometrics
and Parasitic load of Varroa mites (Acari : Varroidea) on Colonies
of Apis mellifera adansonii in Southwest Nigeria. Acarina. Vol. 21 (1)
pp. 17 - 25
2. Akinwande K.L, Badejo M.A.and Ogbogu S.S.(2012).Challenges
associated with establishment of colonies of Honey bees in
the Tropics. African Journal of Agriculture,Food Nutrition
and Development. Vol.13 No.2 : 7467 – 7484.

3.Akinwande K.L, Badejo M.A.and Ogbogu S.S.(2012). Incidence of
Korean Haplotype “K” of Varroa mites infestation among bee
colonies in Southwest Nigeria. Journal of Apicultural research. Vol.
51 (4) pp. 369 – 370.

4.Akinwande K.L and Badejo M.A.(2009). Improving honey production in
worker bees (Apis mellifera adansonii L.)(Hymenoptera :Apidae)
through artificial modification of their feeding activities African
Journal of Agriculture, Food Nutrition and Development.9
(7) :1484 – 1496.

5.Akinwande K.L and Badejo M.A.(2009).Effects of Artificial
Modification of Feeding Activities of Foraging and Non
foraging Worker Bee (Apis mellifera adansonii L.)
(Hymenoptera: Apidae) on Honey and Comb Production.
Journal of Applied Science Research 5(7): 780 – 784.

6. Akinwande K.L, Dahlgren, L.P.,Johnson, R.M.,B.D. Siegfried and M.D. Ellis.
(2014) Effects of amitraz on queen honey bee fecundity, egg and
reproductive development. Mellifera

7. Akinwande K. L. (2014). Hygienic Behavioural Mechanism of resistance to
diseases and parasitic infections in West African honey bee colonies
Apis mellifera adansonii (Hymenoptera : Apidae) Journal of
Entomology 02 (02) 73 79

8. Anikwe, J.C, Adetoro F, Anogwil, J,Makanjuola, W.A., Kemabonta K. and
Akinwande K.L. (2014). Laboratory and Field Evaluation of an
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Blattidae) in Lagos, Nigeria. Journal of Ecoonomic Entomology