Dennis vanEngelsdorp

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InstitutionUniversity of Maryland
Postal addressDepartment of Entomology
 3136 Plant Sciences Bldg
College Park
United States of America
Office phone7178842147
Mobile phone7178842147
Job /  professional statusProfessor/Lecturer,Extension Specialist,Researcher
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Pests & Pathogens,Environment
COLOSS Project(s)   BEEBOOK,Monitoring
COLOSS Taskforce(s)   Varroa control,CSI Pollen
Research interestsepidemiology
Publications43. Pettis, J. S., R. Rose, E. M. Lichtenberg, P. Chantawannakul, N. Buawangpong, W. Somana, P. Sukumalanand, and D. vanEngelsdorp. 2013. A Rapid Survey Technique for Tropilaelaps Mite (Mesostigmata: Laelapidae) Detection. Journal of Economic Entomology 106: 1535-1544
42. Pettis, J. S., E. M. Lichtenberg, M. Andree, J. Stitzinger, R. Rose, and D. vanEngelsdorp. 2013. Crop Pollination Exposes Honey Bees to Pesticides Which Alters Their Susceptibility to the Gut Pathogen Nosema ceranae. PloS ONE92 8: e70182.
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