Quyet Tam Dinh

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InstitutionVietnam Beekeepers Association - VBA
Postal addressRoom #:1201, Tower G03
 Ciputra, Tay Ho
Viet Nam
Office phone+84 (0) 4375 88378
Mobile phone+84 (0) 90341 0202
Alternative e-mailtam.q.dinh@gmail.com
Research interestsHoney bee biology
 Honey bee pathogens
 Honey bee products
Publications- Eva Forsgren, Shi Wei, Ding Guiling, Liu Zhiguang, Toan Tran Van, phuong Thi Tang, Tuan Anh Truong, Tam Quyet Dinh & Ingemar Fries (2014) Preliminary observations on possible pathogen spill- over from Apis mellifers to Apis cerana, Apidology, Doi 10.1007/s13592-014-0320-3

- Tuan T. V, Tam D.Q., Toan T.V., Chuong P. Q. (2012) Harmful virus on Apis Mellifera and Apis cerena in Vietnam. Science and Technology Journal of Agriculture & Rural Development, Vol. 23, pp. 28-33 (in Vietnamese)

- Chinh P.H, G. W. Otis, Tam D. Q., Hang N. T., (2012) Beekeeping Techniques for Apis cerana, Agriculture Publish House (in Vietnamese)

- TTH Le, QT Dinh, AT Hoang, KL Trac, G L Lovel, CSS Carmen, S. S? Pires, F-H Wan, J-X Guo, DA Andow (2008) Potentional Effects of Transgenic Cotton on Flower Visitors in Vietnam, Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms: Challenges and Opportunity withBt Cotton in Vietnam, Vol. 8, CABI Punlishing, pp. 236-257