Gianluigi Bigio

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Postal Crimea 69
Office phone+393387361889
Job /  professional statusResearcher
Research interestsBee breeding
 Pathogen control
PublicationsG Bigio, H Al Toufailia, FWL Ratnieks (2014). Honey bee hygienic behaviour does not incur a cost via removal of healthy brood. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27.1 : 226-230.

G Bigio, R Schürch, FWL Ratnieks (2013). Hygienic behavior in honey bees (hymenoptera: Apidae): Effects of brood, food and time of the year. Journal of Economic Entomology 106(6): 2280-2285.

G Bigio, C Grüter, FLW Ratnieks (2012). Comparing alternative methods for holding virgin honey bee queens for one week in mailing cages before mating. PLoS ONE 7.11 (2012):e50150.