Irfan Kandemir

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InstitutionProf. Dr. Irfan KANDEMIR
Faculty Stuff

Ankara University
Faculty of Science
Department of Biology
06100 Tandogan Ankara
Postal addressDepartment of Biology, Faculty of Science, Ankara University
Office phone+90 312 212 6720 ext 1531
Mobile phone+90 536 3359665
Fax+90 312 223 2395
Job /  professional statusProfessor/Lecturer
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Diversity & Conservation
Research interestsHoneybee genetics
 Honeybee diversity
 Honeybee subspeciation
PublicationsKandemir, İ. ve A. Kence, “Allozyme variation in a Central Anatolian honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) populations,”
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