Iman Abumourad

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InstitutionProfessor of Biotechnology, National Research Centre, Egypt.
Postal address33, Elbehouth st., Dokki, Giza, Egypt
Office phone+20233371211- 2710
Mobile phone+201005536575
Job /  professional statusProfessor/Lecturer,Researcher
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Environment,Diversity & Conservation
COLOSS Project(s)   Monitoring,Beekeeping
Research interestsImmune genes expression of animals under stress
Publications1 -Elsayed A. Khallaf, Alaa A. Alne-na-ei, Mansour G. Ibrahim and Iman M.K.Abumourad (2001): Food interspecific interaction among some catfish species in a Nile canal.Egyptian journal of aquatic biology and fisheries. 5, 37-53.
2 -Alne – na – ei, A.A.; Hassab El – Nabi, S.E; Khallaf, E., A. El – halfawy, K. A., Abumourad, I.M. (2004): Morphometry and DNA Fingerprinting by “RAPD – PCR” of fish species in Bahr Shebeen Nilotic canal . journal of Union Arab. Vol. 22 (A): Zoology, 181-211.
3 - Abumourad,I.M.K; El – abd. S.F. and Authman, M.M.N. (2005): The use of single cell gel electrophoresis (Comet) assay to detect genctic damage in clarias gariepinus erythrocytes treated with Malathion. J. Toxicology, 33, 103-109 (presented in 12th conference of diseases of fish and shell fish held in Denmark 2005
4 -Abumourad, I.M.K.; El–Meaddawy, S. and Kenawy, A.M. (2005): Evaluation of Glyphosate toxicity on clarias gariepinus Fish. Egypt. J. Exp.Biol.(Zool), 1: 87-94
5 -Eissa A.1, I.M.K. Abumourad2, and T. Borhan2 (2006): A contribution on myxosoma infection in cultured Oreochromis niloticus in Lower Egypt. J. Nature and science, 4 (4): 40-46.
6 -Hanna,H.I.; Iman M.K.Abumourad; , Amany, M. Kenawy and Sahar, M. Tawfeek. (2007): B (a)P: Risk assessment and Challenge. Vit. Med. J. Egypt. 483 - 506.
7 -Hossam H. Abbas, Ashraf E. badawi, Iman M.K. Abumourad M.Authman (2007): Studies on the effect of thiobencarb herbicide on some Biological, physiological, biochemical, histological and genetic aspects of Nile tilapia; Oreochromis niloticus. Egypt. J. Aquat. Biol. & Fish., 11, (1): 123- 150, 2007.
8 -Sofy H.I., Layla A.M., Iman M.K.A. (2008): Karyotypic diversity of some tilapia species J.Nature and science. 6(1):19-27.
9 -Iman M.K.A, Sofy H.I. and Layla A.M. (2008): Expression analysis of some genes in hybrid tilapia following transfer to salt-water. J. Global Veterinaria. 3(1): 15-21.
10 -Soufy. H 1, Laila A.M. 2, Iman M.K.A. (2009): RAPD-PCR for DNA-Fingerprinting of Egyptian tilapia. New York Science Journal, 2(2): 20-25.

11 -Abumourad, I.M. K.; El- Sherbeny, K. M. and Farghaly, A. A. (2008): in vitro detection of DNA damage using (RAPD) in 2, 4 – D Exposed primary cell culture of clarias gariepinus. The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine, 39(5), 470-477. (Preliminary version was presented at the 1st Europian conference of conservation bilogy, held in Eger, Hungary, at August 2006.

12 -Iman M.K. Abumourad 1and P. Nie2 (2009): Tilapia heat shock protein: Molecular cloning and characterization. J. Nature and science. 7 (2):46-57.

13 -Iman M.K. Abumourad, Hossam H. Abbas , Ashraf E. badawi and Mohamed M.Authman (2010): Assessment of the adverse effects of Thiobencarb and Dithiopyr herbicides on Nile Tilapia. Journal of Veterinary Research, 14 (2): 233-245.

14-Yassien,M.H., Mayu Obata, Iman, M.K.Abumourad and Akira Komaru (2010):Molecular Identification of Two Species of Genus Pinctada (from Japan and Egypt) Based on Mitochondrial DNA Analysis .J. Bioinformatics ( OJB).

15-Venees F. Yassa, Shenouda M. Girgis and Iman M.K. Abumourad (2011): Potential protective effects of vitamin E on diazinon-induced DNA damage and some haematological and biochemical alterations in rats. Journal of Mediterranean Ecology.11:31-39.

16 -Iman M.K. Abumourad (2011): Cytochrome c oxidase subunit-1(COX1) gene in tilapia. International Journal of Genetic Engineering; 1(1): 1-5.

17- Soha S. S. Abdou, Kholoud S. Ramadan, Iman M. K. Abumourad, Rasha E. Hassan (2011): Biocompatibility and Gene Expression Associated with Streptococcus Infection in Myocarditis. International Journal of Genetic Engineering; 1(1): 1-11.

18- Iman M.K. Abumourad , Magdy I. Hanna , Shenouda M. Girgis (2012): Genotoxicity assessment of ammonia in cultured Oreochromis niloticus using RAPD assay. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; 10, 209–212.

19- Iman M.K. Abumourad, Shenouda M. Girgis and Magdy I. Hanna (2013): Expression of ATP synthase F0sSubunit 6 gene in Nile Tilapia during Temperature acclimation. Res J Pharm Biol Chem Sci, 4(2), 290-298.

20- Mohammad M.N. Authman, Wafaa T. Abbas, Iman M.K. Abumourad and Amany M. Kenawy (2013): Effects of illegal cyanide fishing on vitellogenin in the freshwater African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822). J. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 91 (61–70).
21- Iman M.K.Abumourad, Wafaa T. Abbas, Elham S. Awaad, Mohammad M.N. Authman, Kawther El- Shafei, Osama M. Sharaf, Gamal A. Ibrahim, Zeinab I. Sadek, Hoda S.El- Sayed( 2013): Evaluation of Lactobacillus plantarum as a probiotic in aquaculture: Emphasis on growth performance and innate immunity. Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 9(1): 572-582.

22- Iman M.K. Abumourad, Mohammad M.N. Authman and Wafaa T. Abbas (2013): Heavy Metal Pollution and Metallothionein Expression: A Survey on Egyptian Tilapia Farms. Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 9(1): 612-619.

23- Iman MK Abumourad, Amany M Kenwy, Taghreed B Ibrahim, Magdy I Hanna, and Soliman WS (2013)Enterococcus faecium probiotic as a growth promoter and its impact on the expression of the host innate immune in cultured Oreochromis niloticus. Res J Pharm Biol Chem Sci, 5(2), 1747-1761.

Research Projects:
• Team member in the project: Resistance of bacterial and parasitic diseases in fish (Funded by National Research Center, Egypt, 2004-2007).
• Team member in the project: Phylogenetic of local fish species to produce genetically engineered fish. (Funded by National Research Center, Egypt, 2004-2007).
• Team member in the project: Biogenic amines formation and bacterial contribution in cured fishery products". (Sponsored by National Research Center), from 2010-2013.
• Principal investigator in the project: Biotechnology for sustainable and enhancement of fish productivity in Egyptian aquaculture (NRC 2010-2013).